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Here are some of our most visited websites and blogs. Know of another? Send us the link, we’ll add it to the list!

Compass Marine How To

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An excellent How-To resource for DIY mariners from an experienced professional.

Cruisers Forum

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The primary online forum for the cruising community.


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Defender is an excellent online (and brick and mortar) retailer. The website is easy to navigate and offers a wealth of information.


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The best online source for commercial marine news. The website has current news, forums, job listings, and technical articles for the merchant mariner.

Hamilton Marine

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Hamilton Marine is a premier marine supply company in Maine. With several locations they serve both the commercial and recreational industries at great prices.

Sailboat Listings

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For sale by owner sailboat classifieds.

Sailing Anarchy

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What is Sailing Anarchy?

The currently available sailing publications and web sites are often filled with stories that are something less than insightful. Oh sure you can read from some expert on how to win every race that you’ve ever entered, but the real stories about people and events in this sport are either ignored or whitewashed. When was the last time your read an Editorial that didn’t put you to sleep? Many boat reviews are nothing more than politically correct spin to ensure the advertising revenue is not jeopardized. It’s time to change all that. Sailing Anarchy will present topics, ideas and, critiques that have never been written about before. Anywhere.

But perhaps most importantly, we have a Message Board where robust discussions will be encouraged. If you have a question about anything in a review, a roundtable, or a Q&A put it up on the Message Board and we’ll get it followed up.

If you’re looking to have your comments edited or ignored at the whim of a curmudgeon, then you’ve come to the wrong place. Got an opinion? Let’s hear it. But you better prepare for a healthy dose of reality. This is where the big kids play. If you can’t stand the heat, there are other places for you of the more sensitive in nature.

This site is being produced for the love of the game, not as part of some ridiculous dot com strategy, or a “gee isn’t our sport of yachting so wonderful” philosophy. It is a forum for industry insiders and racing sailors to exchange ideas. We will be continually exploring topics that interest us, and we’ll be looking to the Message Board for the topics that interest you. We encourage your participation here at Sailing Anarchy. Where the hell else are you going to have this much freedom to say what you want? After all, that is ultimately what Anarchy is all about.

Yacht World

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This is the #1 place to go when dreaming of, or actually shopping for, your next boat.

Have Wind Will Travel

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Curious about cruising?  Come aboard!  At, we are creating cruisers, one dreamer at a time by sharing our story through booksblogs and videostouring other boats and our Gifts of Cruising that we previously gave through Patreon.  If you love sailing videos, we produced five seasons on YouTube documenting our initial cruising days, our three-month stint in the shipyard where we re-built our rotten stringers as well as our first Atlantic-crossing (I say that because I envision many more – ha!) to our detailed preparation and voyage to Cuba in 2016.  While the videos were fun to make, we did find them time-consuming and decided it was not how we wanted to spend our time going forward (12 hours a week in a video cave as opposed to out on the water sailing!).  So we do not produce them any longer but Phillip and I are incredibly proud of the catalog we put out and that will be forever available for anyone to view.  Here, we continue to write (which is what I truly love to do) and share photos and short videos to really shine a light on the cruising experience, the rewards and the challenges, so those of you out there who have the dream to cruise can understand and fulfill that dream.

It's a Necessity

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It’s a necessity is a travel blog offering up stories, advice, and laughs, about traveling the world with two little ones in tow.

MJ Sailing

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Fast forward a few years and we are now new cruisers.  Our Sabre has been outfitted and filled to the brim with things I’m sure both of us will realize pretty soon down the road that we do not need.

How did we get here?  Lots of planning and hard work.  We sold our house in June of 2011 and moved into Matt’s mom’s and stepdad’s house.  Even though we had been scraping and saving for the past two years to save up and go cruising for 2-3 in the States and Bahamas the savings went into overdrive when we realized we wanted to be gone for longer, possibly 4-5 years and go much further.  In July we both quit our jobs, sold our cars, and were ready to start the cruising life.  Then on August 12 we were finally ready to depart Muskegon on the west coast of Lake Michigan and start our adventure.  Over the past two years we’ve sailed down the east coast of the US, spent time in the Bahamas, Cuba, Central America, and crossed the Atlantic twice in 2014!

Our newest adventure is waiting for us in Indiantown, FL in the form of a 37 ft aluminum boat.  We’ll spend the next however long gutting and rebuilding this new boat and getting her ready to cruise.  One thing is for sure, we can never rely on plans and new adventures are always waiting around the corner for us.

Sailing Chance

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After a shakedown cruise through Florida and the Bahamas, we’re back in New York City working full time during the week and full time on our Vagabond 42 on the weekends getting her ready to cruise. We liveaboard with our two rescue dogs Dewey and Riley.

Sailing Luna Sea

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We love to travel and, let’s face it – we’re not exactly your typical land lubbering-stuff collecting-home bodies. We are going to float around and explore with no time clock to punch.There’s so much of this world left for us to check out. As a bonus – we’d love to be able to give back to the areas we visit.  So we will be looking for orphanages, shelters, handy man projects, food banks, etc. – anywhere we can contribute.  Stay tuned – we’ll even be offering ways for you to contribute to the places we explore as well!

Sailing Simplicity

Sailing, Simplicity, and the Pursuit of Happiness, began in 2008 when Teresa made a dramatic change to chase her dreams. She gave up a whole lot of stability for the unstable plan to live aboard a sailboat and take on odd jobs to support her lifestyle, and selling handcrafted items on her Etsy shop. In the following two years she lived aboard a small 27 foot sailboat named Daphne with only her cat Dory for company. Its not a house, but it was home, its not a car, but she traveled a blue road. For two years she sailed, explored, and discovered what simple living meant to her and shared it all on this blog. Writing helped her, blog readers inspired her. Now, she sails with her partner Ben and their cat Dory aboard their 28ft Bristol Channel Cutter Elizabeth.

Teresa’s goal is to share her personal exploration of simple living, to help sailors with life aboard, and to inspire others to chase their own creative dream through honest and uplifting writing.

There is always a flurry of fun on our Facebook community, join the conversation.

Ben and Teresa have been helping people plan voyages and enjoy doing so. They offer consulting services for a small fee. They can help you with planning a coastal sail, a small offshore passage, a sail training program, vacation, professional sailing gigs, or gearing up your boat for living aboard. Between Ben and Teresa, they have experience in coastal sailing, offshore, trans-atlantic, windjammers, educational programs, American Sailing Association, American Sail Training Association, US Sailing, and US Coast Guard licensing, living aboard, solo sailing, and more.

Sailing Totem

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The Totem crew includes me, Behan; my husband Jamie; our children, Niall, Mairen, and Siobhan.

Family photo

Jamie and I met sailing, racing in Long Island Sound on the J-35 Peregrine…for one race in 1988 and again for the long journey in 1991. At the time, Jamie was a sail designer and at the top of his field, working with high end racing boats; I was on my college’s sailing team, and being on the water was my passion. When we started dating he gave me Dove, a book by a solo circumnavigator to read, “to understand him.” I had deep wanderlust and loved nothing more than being on the water, but the world of traveling by boat was a mystery. He introduced me to his close friends, Jim and Diana Jessie, who Jamie had met on a wharf in Dubrovnik in 1986. Every few years, we met up with them somewhere new: Connecticut’s Mystic River, Mexico’s Sea of Cortez, Canada’s Gulf Islands. And every time, their cruising lifestyle settled deeper into our psyche. Someday, we’d go. Someday, we’d live on our sailboat and travel the world.

Jamie’s professional sailing / sailmaking career had benefits (my senior year spring break trip for a megayacht sail check in Antibes, France, comes to mind), but he burned out. Sailing took a back seat for a few years while our lives were consumed by grad school, careers, babies, and a new life in the Pacific Northwest. Fast forward to 2002. Our second child, daughter Mairen was born, and we lost Jamie’s mother to cancer- much younger than you should ever have to say goodbye. These events brought our priorities into focus: somewhere along the way, our lives had spun into a hectic pace of juggling a dual career household with hefty carpooling demands, “who travels this week?” spouse discussions, and weekends of quality time with PowerPoint. This was not the life we wanted.

We wanted to build memories with our children that involved more than flyby dinners and fleeting weekends. Already, fulfillment and joy as a family came from our days on the water together, ghosting around Puget Sound. We wanted to live minimally, and shed things that we didn’t really need. We wanted to live close to nature, sourcing power through the sun and wind, and raise our children in tune with the environment.

Our “someday” needed a date, not postponement for an amorphous retirement. We put a plan in place, and our cruising dreams were realized when we sailed out of Puget Sound on August 21, 2008. At that time, the children were aged 4, 6, and 9.

A year later, this somewhat scruffier (but very happy) family posed in Mexico for a rare group shot on our dinghy.

A rare picture...

With a growing number of years and miles behind us, living on Totem still suits us perfectly. We may not always want to be nomadic. We may not always want to live afloat. But at the moment, it’s difficult to picture either of those scenarios.

Salty Kisses

We are the crew on Abeona, we are also a family of five. We love, we fight and some days we don’t talk to each other…. well not the kids, they’re ALWAYS talking. We’ve been living on a sailboat for all up 3.5 years and loving (nearly) everyday.
Carl is 42 years old. American. A somewhat retired Mega Yacht captain with 1600 ton captains license. Been on boats all his life and needs to be at sea. He never thought he’d love sailing so much but still needs to learn how to slow down and kick back at times. He never thought he’d be such a proud stay at home dad.
Carly (me) is 35 years old. Australian. Don’t really have a “profession”. I’ve always loved boats but never been much of a beach bum, as you can tell from the non existent tan. I’m still trying to learn this “mothering” business. It’s bloody hard work.
Our background……
No, as the names suggest we are not brother and sister and no we didn’t change our names to match, it’s just a horrible coincidence. Back in 2003 I was broke living at a hostel in Ft. Lauderdale borrowing money from friends. Carl on the other hand was quite a successful captain on a mega yacht. Our paths collided the day that I got some inside information that a yacht was looking for a stewardess, I had no experience but I was broke so I had nothing to lose. Luckily for my friends credit card bill I got the job and the rest is history. We worked together for almost 2 years, quit together then moved to Mississippi where we started a business, got married and had two lovely girls.

But alas the Mississippi life wasn’t for us. We sold our business, house, cars and worldly possessions and bought a boat. The wrong boat, but now we have Salty and it’s all ok.

Our young-ins are now 7, 5 and 2 years old. We have a hell of a time keeping up with them on board but they make everything worthwhile. They keep us on our toes and help us sleep heavy at night. They eat us out of house (boat) and home and keep me skinny by not eating junk food. Like any family they fight like cats and dogs but sulk when one is missing.
This is our family, we’re not perfect but who is.

S/V Delos

One of the most popular sailing blogs / YouTube channels in the world.


S/V Prism

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We met back in 2009 while we were both working for Gold Arrow Camp, a summer camp located up in the Sierra Mountains.  We started to look for our first boat after Jon asked Shannon ” How would you like to sail around the world?” ( talk about a one liner right!)  Our first boat adventure involved a small pocket cruiser called a Caliber 28. The boat was in very rough shape, so we spent over a year doing a total refit in a backyard in the middle of the central valley. Once she was done, we renamed her “TARA” and set of!

Swell Voyage

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As a surfer and environmentalist enchanted by foreign waves and cultures, I left California aboard my 40-foot sailboat in early 2006. The world has since shown me more amazing people, waves, adventures, natural beauty, personal insights, and various ways of living than I ever imagined possible!! Swell serves as my floating home, my transportation, and my contemplative ‘cave’. I travel at a pace not much faster than you can run. The weather, swell, and tides dictate my days. This isn’t just a surf trip, it’s a lifestyle that has allowed me to reduce my daily impact on the earth and live closer to nature. Solar and wind power provide my electricity. I use less, need less, and want less, yet have never felt more fulfilled. At times the work seems endless and the uncertainties too daunting, yet without these the rest would never be as sweet. That’s the give and take of adventure. I enjoy, but don’t exploit the waves I find, leaving out their location so that those who get inspired enough to go looking might still find places without surf camps or crowds and experience the sensation of venturing into the unknown and being rewarded-a feeling that is, for me, as precious as the empty waves.

The voyage evolves as I continue to learn. I spent the first year and a half gaining confidence as a captain, with different friends as crew, while traveling down the western coast of Mexico and Central America. After announcing that I intended to sail to the South Pacific alone, my mother volunteered to accompany me, an offer I gladly accepted. We spent 22 unforgettable days sailing across the largest expanse of open ocean on the planet. With the mysteries of blue water sailing behind me, I spent the next year exploring French Polynesia and eastern Kiribati mostly on my own. I take more time in each place now, after realizing that if I don’t, I end up just fixing the boat in every port and missing out on what I sailed all this way to discover. I now prefer to travel alone, indulging in the freedom of solitude and making choices based on weather and swell forecasts rather than itineraries. And so I continue west around the globe with no real ‘plan’, only the intention to positively impact the world, better myself, and cherish each glorious, bizarre, painful, and unbelievable experience that makes simply ‘living’ on this planet the unavoidable adventure that it is.

An OCEAN of THANKS to all the individuals and companies who have contributed to my journey in countless ways, and to YOU, the reader, whose support gives me strength through the toughest times. I write these blogs to give you a portal into the experiences I’m so fortunate to be having and hopefully provide encouragement for anyone looking to overcome fear and follow their heart.

The Boat Galley

Turf to Surf

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My love of stories drives me to write. My love of adrenaline drives me to chase adventures. These two things, stirred together, have dished up this travel and sailing blog aimed at bringing you tales spun from dusty roads and unforgiving seas.

I started this little blog in September 2012, just before Ryan and I decided to test what we had learned in the five years since we started fumbling around on our first boat, a 1986 Catalina 34 called Hideaway. Our plan was to sail out of New York City and see just how far we could get while also balancing our working lives on the move. As owners of our own companies in the U.S., we were not exactly free to sail away from all our obligations, though we sure as hell tried.

This blog became an outlet for me to tell the stories of our travels on a boat and to connect with sailors, travelers, dreamers and a tribe of wanderers, like us, who were working their way around the world seeking out adventures and shunning stability.

Venture Minimalists

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We are Andrew and Sarah, a couple originally from landlocked Russellville AR. In 2011 we bought a 1969 Cheoy Lee Luders 36′ sailboat. After a 4 year restoration, we are off to explore the world in our floating micro-home!


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Their story began in July of 2007 when they met, briefly, on Mackinac Island after the Chicago to Mac Race. Both had raced up to the island independently on different racing sailboats and when Brittany arrived, she and Scott met briefly in a bar, and while they both made impressions on each other, the timing just wasn’t right.

Fast forward to a couple of months later and another distance boat race. Brittany and Scott meet again. This time, the timing is right. They started talking on a bench (recalling each other from the Mac Race) Scott was pooped on by a bird (a sign of good luck!) – and well, here they are.   They had a LOT in common.  Namely the fact that both of them have been talking about sailing around the world for a long time.  So they got married in July of 2010 and set sail shortly after.

This is their story…

With Brio

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: 29, Vancouver-born dreamer with an insatiable curiosity and a penchant for nice upholstery and pretty things. Captain of Brio. Responsible for all gross jobs, jobs that involve heights, and jobs that involve diving underwater. Strong optimist with a passion for new adventures and ‘making it happen’. Loves reading (everything from Maeve Binchy novels to Jack Canfield self-help to blogs); obsessed with photography (taking pictures, admiring pictures, collecting pictures, compiling pictures into photo books… all of it!) and yellow shoes. Self-confessed optimist with an inability to be overly-practical. Passionate about meeting new people. Lived on a sailboat for 7 years as a kid. Scuba & HAM (VA7LMK) certified.

Jonathan: 30, Maine-born, practical realist with the ability to not only take all things apart but also to fix them and get them together again! Responsible for the broad category that I refer to simply as “mechanics” (includes inboards, outboards, plumbing, electronics, electrical and anything else I can’t identify) as well as cooking meals other than Kraft Dinner and being our Great White Fisherman (see photo!). Dedicated hard-worker who never gives less than 110% and runs his own house-painting and restoration business in Maine. Loves the actual “sailing” part of cruising more than anything else. Speaks Spanish and is a serious bird-lover (has chickens currently being chicken-sat by understanding family). Fantastically understanding & my favourite partner in all aspects of life.

Us: We met through a mutual friend in the summer of 2009 in Vancouver.  I didn’t pay too much attention to this Maine-boy until I heard him say something about sailing and how he would like to live on a boat one day. We’ve been together ever since, albeit primarily on opposite coasts of North America. The challenge of a long-distance relationship has been one of the biggest pushes for getting the boat and the cruising funds together to make our dreams a reality. Nothing like a little love-motivation to get things moving 🙂 We sailed around Vancouver Island on my parents’ sailboat in June 2010, and after confirming that yes, we do indeed absolutely-freaking-LOVE sailing, decided we wanted to commit to this lifestyle more permanently.

After spending 6 months together 24/7, sailing around Mexico on our 33′ sailboat in 2011, we came ‘home’ and realised, “hey, this long-distance things really sucks”. So we got engaged! And then we got married in Maine!We sailed Brio up to Maine and have been living aboard (yes, even in winter!) since 2014.

Where the Coconuts Grow

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Captain Pete is from San Diego, CA and has been surfing and fishing since he was a little boy. He has skippered fishing boats out of Ensenada, Baja and San Diego, CA and has experience in real estate and the restaurant industry. Peter has traveled extensively to Oahu, Maui, Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mainland Mexico, all of Baja California, Canary Islands, Spain, Indonesia (Bali, Java, Timor).

Born to be on the water, he knew he would one day live on a boat and travel to far off lands surfing and fishing every day. Although he began this adventure with little sailing experience, Peter is a quick learner and had no trouble obtaining his U.S.C.G. Master 100 Ton Captain’s License with endorsements for Auxiliary Sail, Commercial Towing, STCW and BVI Boatmaster License.

Jody is originally from Washington State, living in Bellevue, Issaquah, Bellingham and Blaine. Fate brought her down to Orange County, CA, and then San Diego, CA where she met Peter in April of 2011. She was more than ready to leave the rat race of the corporate world behind and pursue a passion for adventure and the tropics. For Jody, its a lifestyle change, not just a change of scenery.

“A place for everything and everything in its place” – OCD tendancies sometimes get the best of her. Back on land it was more hassle than it was worth, but now that she lives on a boat its the best annoying habit ever! Ship Shape isn’t just about being clean, its about safety and efficiency as well. Jody is LOVING all the tips and tricks she has learned from her own experience as well as other cruising blogs about how to make life easier on a boat. She also began with zero sailing experience, but just a few times of cutting the engine and catching wind in the sails had her hooked!!