Boat Cat

Meet Farley!

Farley is Maine Coon cat born in the spring of 2016. Other than his first weeks with his mother, he has never lived ashore. We intentionally chose to bring a kitten aboard at a very young age in hopes that it would lead to greater comfort afloat for years to come. It seems our plan has worked! Nowadays he is most comfortable on the boat, resisting trips ashore whenever they are necessary. At the time of this writing he is 1.5 years old and approximately 16lbs. He’s still pretty long and skinny, though you’d never know as he’s wrapped in several inches of wavy, soft fur. He loves to climb and is often found strutting along the boom or balancing on the stern rail. He has gone for a swim a few times, and he doesn’t seem eager to do it again!

Keep up with Farley’s adventures by following him on Instagram, @farleyboatcat!